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Our team of PPC Experts dedicate ourselves to running Google Ads and Social Ads (FB and Tiktok) for businesses small and large, staying on top of current Paid Search Best Practices.


First we cut the expensive and non-profitable keywords that are sapping your valuable resources without bringing any returns. Once you stop losing money, we can begin to rebuild.


We work hard to implement state of the art bidding strategies, custom-made for your industry; we only bid for the keywords that will bring you the highest profits, optimizing on the best keywords and ad placements.


Once you’ve stopped losing money and are beginning to gain momentum, we can work on expanding and increasing your reach, while maintaining your edge over the competition. Now it’s time to give your revenue the sky rocket boost you deserve!

We Find Your Ideal Customers, So You Don’t Have To

We will strategize a results driven paid advertising based solely around your ideal customer. Carrying out extensive research and analysis to ensure your campaigns target your perfect audience, utilizing 1st and 3rd party data where possible. We’ll agree a set of KPI’s with you to ensure we’re fully accountable.

We guide passive viewers to active prospects using sophisticated audience targeting that allow us to track and retarget consumers that are showing increasing interest in your product or services.

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We Run Compelling Ads on High Converting Landing Pages & Forms

We work with you to determine the best creatives and verbiage that will make the biggest impact. As well as calling on our own experience and success running campaigns in your niche.

We reach the right audience at the right time at the lowest CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). Our close relationship with Facebook and Google enables us to test the latest products and stay up to date on all their latest offerings. If your business is looking to advertise on Facebook and Google, you’ve come to the right place.

Optimize and Tweak To Get Your Desired Results

Your website presence is one of the most important tools for communicating your brand and being able to acquire new clients. It must be able to engage visitors and make them take actions that convert into sales.

Why Is MarketersPH The Right Fit For You?:

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We Are Industry Experts

We use our multi-channel expertise to increase your following across the major channels while expanding your audience and extending your reach through platforms that are often overlooked.

We Customize Our Messaging

We identify traits, behaviors, and trends that drive customers to your brand at all stages of their journey with CTAs that trigger action.

We Engage Your Target Audience

We tailor Pay-Per-Click ads based on your customer’s needs and use data to create a unique ad experience based on customer intent.

We Love The Longtail

Our PPC Agency follows longtail queries and uses UTM parameters to re-market your current audience while employing lookalike tactics to find similar buying groups.


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